packaging for your milk delivery

Poly Milk Bottles

plastic milk bottles

Choosing the right packaging for your milk delivery is not a straight forward consideration. Each option, like most things in life has pros’ and cons’. You may choose for plastic milk bottles. These are easily recycled, they fit in the fridge easily and you don’t need to worry about any breakages in the office environment. Often working out the cheaper option too they are a very popular choice.

Glass Office Milk Bottles

Glass milk bottles

Glass milk bottles have grown in popularity over the last few years however the environmental case is not straight forward. Glass milk bottles would be picked up from your office and re-used several times however consideration needs to be given to the transportation impact as they are much heavier, arguably resulting in a higher carbon impact.

chilled milk dispenser

For the larger user of milk in the office the best option is generally a chilled milk dispenser. These bag in box units are easy to maintain, result in less food miles with fewer deliveries and often work out cheaper than a traditional milk delivery.