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Office Milk Delivery

We deliver fresh milk straight from a dairy local to your office, keeping food miles low!

Deliveries are made in the early hours to make sure you have you milk ready for that early morning cuppa!

100% British from local farmers. 100% Flexible

Fruit, Tea, Coffee, Bread, Butter and More…..

Drinking milk in an office

Our milk, your office

Glass Office Milk Bottles
Milk Dispenser

100% Flexible - No Contracts

Alter or amend your milk order at any time.

Ethically Sourced

We deliver your milk from dairies close to you - minimising food miles.

Dedicated Account Manager

We are a friendly team. As soon as you contact us we will introduce you to your account manager.

Ultra - reliable Delivery Service

We know how important your office milk delivery is. That's why we won't let you down.

Making Life Simple

We make your milk management easier, reducing admin and giving you time for a cup of tea (with milk of course!)

Multiple Locations? specialise in fresh milk deliveries to multiple sites. We supply national retailers, businesses and hospitality chains.

We Deliver Office Milk Nationally

With years of experience are a specialist delivering a reliable office milk delivery service to businesses and workplaces. We now deliver throughout the UK covering the majority of towns and cities so no matter if you office is in LondonManchester, Plymouth or Aberdeen we will deliver to you straight from a local dairy. Keeping food miles low!

 It’s all fresh British milk and we pay a fiat price to our stakeholders so you can drink the best with a clear conscious. 

Commercial Office Milk Delivery

Office Milk Delivery

Fresh milk delivered starfish to your office from a local dairy near to you. Keeping food miles low.

Hospitality Milk Delivery

Milk for Cafe's

Specially formulated barista milks along with a range of traditional dairy milk and non-dairy alternatives.

Our Delivery Days

Delivery days are generally Monday to Friday, some less dense areas may just be Monday and Thursday. Don’t worry however our milk is fresh and will last!

Coffee Shop Milk Delivery

Corporate Milk

Ultra reliable fresh milk deliveries to corporate clients UK wide. Our service is designed to make you life easier.

Milk Dispensers

100% British milk delivered on a frequent basis. Free Milk Dispenser Hire (when you order milk from us)

Office Milk Delivery Service

As the  office milk delivery specialists we offer a low cost, low hassle milk fulfilment solution. Choose from traditional Whole Milk, Semi-Skimmed or Skimmed. Or, alternatively choose some non-dairy alternatives such as Soya, Almond or Oat milk. 

Of course, packaging is also an important consideration, not just from a practicality perspective but also the environment.

Milk Dispenser

Ordering Your Milk

We exist to make your life easier, that’s why we have a dedicated account manager to cover your every need. You can manage your order directly with us or, if you have multiple locations that you need a milk delivery for the order can be managed at site level and we will supply you with one consolidated monthly invoice payable by BACS, direct debit, Paypal or card.

Don’t forget that you can order Soya, Almond and Oat milk along with a variety of other items such as office fruit and pantry items such as Tea, Coffee, Bread, Biscuits and Snacks.